A Companion Guide to The Magic of Circlework: The Practice Women Around the World are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves

By Jalaja Bonheim, PhD
298 pages, full color
Published by The Institute for Circlework
1.69 oz
ISBN 978-0-9993425-0-3

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For over three decades, Jalaja Bonheim, PhD, has been training women from around the world in Circlework, a process that uses circle gatherings for healing, empowerment and peacemaking. Now, for the first time, she is making the powerful tools and concepts of Circlework available to a wider audience.

Building on material covered in The Magic of Circlework, the Training Manual provides a wealth of practical guidance for anyone interested in deepening the level of intimacy and authenticity in groups they facilitate or participate in. This includes men, for while Jalaja’s personal focus lies on empowering women, she views Circlework as a practice that can benefit men equally.

The Circlework Training Manual has three parts: Foundations, Practices and Challenges.

Foundations covers all aspects of creating, organizing and leading circle gatherings based on the principles of Circlework.

Practices offers a rich treasure trove of exercises and tools, not only for Circlework leaders, but for anyone who leads or participates in groups and wants to take the process to a deeper, more sacred place. Drawing on three decades of experience in training circle leaders from around the world, Jalaja Bonheim explains the practices and their implementation in simple, clear language.

Challenges deals with the hurdles that circles may face. What to do if someone won’t stop talking? How to respond to Kundalini awakenings? How to work with conflict? Here, readers will find a treasure trove of advice that will benefit not only group facilitators but anyone who works with groups of people.

The Circlework Training Manual includes:

  • Verbatim transcripts from Jalaja’s circles
  • Powerful meditations
  • Great stories
  • Dozens of practices with step by step instructions
  • Questions and answers
  • Quotes and anecdotes from participants
  • Beautiful essays in which Jalaja picks up and expands on topics addressed in The Magic of Circlework

If you haven’t experienced Circlework first-hand, please be sure to read the book first! Without the basic concepts, insights and understanding covered in The Magic of Circlework, you will not be able to use the manual effectively.

Praise for The Circlework Training Manual:

A masterful book on how to launch a successful group dedicated to empowering participants. Jalaja’s treatment of every aspect of group work reflect her many years of experience as Circlework teacher and trainer. The Manual addresses all the practicalities of setting up a group, exercises to use during a session, and common challenges one may encounter when engaged in deep work. I’ve never seen such a rich compilation of exercises, some of which I’ll use in my own groups. The layout is beautiful and easily accessible. If you are a group leader or aspire to be one, this book is a must!Alice McDowell, author of Hidden Treasure: How to Break Free of Five Patterns that Hide Your True Self

The Circlework Training Manual is an incredible resource. Jalaja has done a masterful job of taking a complex spiritual experience and putting it into a clear linear form.Seena Axel, PhD, Counselor

The Circlework Training Manual is a seminal guide—clear, comprehensive yet accessible. Jalaja concisely outlines the essential steps to creating circles that are sacred, magical, transformative, and profoundly intimate. An extraordinary resource for leaders in schools, colleges, retreat centers, spiritual centers, community organizations, hospitals, corporations and conferences!Michelle Jurika, MA, Counselor

The discipline of Circlework offers a possibility of healing that I do not find anywhere else. It informs my work as a pastor, as a healer, as a grief counselor, for it says a profound “YES” to the reality that diversity can be celebrated and embraced with joy, that conflict can indeed be creative, that community can be lived authentically. Circlework creates a place of freedom where we join our strength to create a place where people can claim their power and be loved and free. I believe that this is the most important contribution we can make to the world’s healing.Jacquie Lewis

Beautiful to the eye, well illustrated, practical and spacious, The Circlework Training Manual is an invaluable resource for any woman who belongs to a circle or wants to facilitate circles!Jean Shinoda Bolen. MD. author of The Millionth Circle and Goddesses in Every Woman