FAQ about Coming to the Circlework Leadership Training

Can I come for part of the Circlework Training?

Sorry, no. Jalaja requires everyone to be present from beginning to end.

Can I spend the nights elsewhere?

No. Living together, sharing meals, late night snacks and impromptu celebrations are important aspects of the process.

What time do we begin and end?

Unless otherwise noted, all participants are requested to arrive at Light on the Hill by 5pm at the latest. However, you are welcome to arrive earlier, giving yourself more time to settle in, relax, take a walk or a nap. The training generally ends between 11 and noon.

Can I spend an extra night at Light on the Hill before or after the training?

It depends on whether Light on the Hill has availability. To inquire, please contact them directly at info@lightonthehill.org.

Can you pick me up from the bus station and take me back after the training? Can you pick me up at the Ithaca airport and drop me off after the training?

Absolutely. However, please note that we need to receive all of the following information no later than one week before begin of the training. We will then pair you up with a participant who will pick you up. Please understand that if we do not receive your information by a week before the training, you will need to make your own arrangements.

If you plan to arrive before the first day of the training and need overnight accommodations, please let us know and we can look for someone to host you or take you out to Light on the Hill. This assumes that you are arriving at a reasonable hour. If you plan to arrive late in the evening, please book your own hotel.

If you are arriving by bus, please let us know:

  • Name of bus line
  • Arrival time
  • Bus stop you are arriving at (there are many in Ithaca)
  • Your cell phone number, if you have one.

If you are flying in, please let us know:

  • Where does your flight depart?
  • Airline
  • Flight number
  • Arrival time
  • Your cell phone number, if you have one.

If you are staying at a hotel or residence, please let us know:

  • Name and address
  • Your cell phone number, if you have one.

Please note that we generally cannot pick up anyone once the training begins. If your flight is delayed and you are unable to arrive on time, we recommend getting a taxi to Light on the Hill.

I would love to have a private room. Is that possible?

Yes! All participants in the Circlework Training have private rooms.

Is there Internet at Light on the Hill?

No. There is cell phone reception, but no Internet.

I have food allergies or sensitivities. Can you accommodate me?

Food at Light on the Hill is vegetarian, and the cooks are amazing about accommodating people who are gluten or dairy sensitive. Also, there is a special fridge for guests, so if you need or want certain items that may not be available at Light on the Hill, you are welcome to bring them. Prepared non-vegetarian items are welcome, too.

I’m sensitive to scents. Does Light on the Hill use incense or fragrances?

No. Light on the Hill is fragrance-free, and we ask that in consideration of others who may be sensitive, you refrain from using fragrances or scented products while you are there.

What should I bring?

You don’t need much. A journal and pen, comfortable, layered clothing, and walking shoes. No outdoor shoes are allowed inside the building, so bring indoor shoes or socks if you want them. It’s very quiet at Light on the Hill, but if you are super sensitive, you might want to bring earplugs.

On the last evening of the training, we often celebrate. Some women like to get dressed up for the occasion. However, this is entirely optional, and our definition of “getting dressed up” is wide open.

I’m applying for a scholarship. What kind of information should I include in my personal letter?

The Institute for Circlework supports women who are leading, or planning to lead, circle gatherings in their communities. We are especially interested in fostering circles that are dedicated to empowering women. Please explain in detail how you plan to apply what you learn during the training. Describe any circles you are currently leading, as well as circles you hope to lead in the future.

Scholarships are intended to help women who would otherwise not have the financial means to attend the Circlework Training. Please include in your letter a brief description of your financial situation. We do not require financial documents, but ask that you be honest in your financial self-assessment.

I’m a graduate of the Circlework Training. Can I get a discount if I want to repeat it?

Yes! Jalaja loves having graduates in the circle. As a graduate, you automatically qualify for a $500 scholarship; all you need to do is request it. If you need a higher amount, please apply.