A Call to All Women

by Aura Hammer

Abraham failed the test God gave him: He was willing to sacrifice his son.
That is why God had to send an angel to stop him.
Sarah would have passed the test. Hajar would have passed the test.
It is time the women take over running this house.
It is time we recognize our role:
We are here to defend our children.
We are not here to send them to defend us.
Do you really believe that it is right to send your son to die for you? You do not.

I cannot protect the coming generations by killing the coming generations, by teaching them to kill, by teaching them to die for me.

I can protect them:
I can protect them by teaching them to live and to cherish life, by teaching them the sacredness of life – any life, all life.
I can protect them by teaching them relationship, to create authentic relationship, to protect and strengthen relationship, by teaching them we are all related, all connected.
I can protect them by teaching them to insist on hope and to persist in hope.

Women: It is time for us to stand up and protect our young.

Thank you Jalaja for your article about our area. It’s so good to hear other sides to our story told in the world. Yasmin and i know many such stories. moreover, almost each day we find such a story in the daily schedule of our lives.
today I’ll be going to a dialog tent at the entrance to an Arab village
where we will speak of our personal difficulties our wishes and dreams…people from both sides are now afraid to go out in public, go to each others’ villages or towns, get on public transportation. the public has lynched innocent people because they live in fear. our world has gone crazy.
we must find a way to stop letting fear lead us to hate and separation.
the fear is real. it must lead us to togetherness, that is the woman’s way – tend and befriend instead of fight or flight…
it is the time of the woman
it is the time of the mother
it is our time to move, to take our steps, to clear our throats and hearts and speak loudly clearly and lovingly

Aura Hammer October 24, 2015Israeli Circle Leader and Peace Activist