The Circlework Training Manual

Coming Soon!!! Within short order, the powerful tools and concepts of Circlework will be available to a wider audience. Building on material covered in Jalaja Bonheim’s book The Magic of Circlework, the manual offers a wealth of practical guidance. With dozens of transcripts from circles and bonus materials! Join our mailing list to hear as soon as it’s available!

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The Circlework Training

Do you want to work with groups in ways that foster authentic, trans-formative connections? Do you want to contribute to the creation of a peaceful global community? Are you ready for a radically non-religious, inclusive approach to spirituality? Are you committed to healing, personal growth, and peace? If so, taking the Circlework Training may be your next step.

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What is Circlework?

Circlework is a powerful and effective tool for awakening what Jalaja Bonheim, the originator of Circlework, calls global consciousness — the awareness of our oneness as a global community — in large numbers of people. In the practice of Circlework, we use circle gatherings to create a field of love so powerful that participants experience their unity and interconnectedness in life-changing ways.

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Women Need Circles

The Institute for Circlework provides scholarships for women from all over the world, allowing them the opportunity to experience Circlework. Please, make a donation to our scholarship fund, or to set up a monthly donation. Our monthly donors are special angels whom we appreciate deeply!

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Circlework in the Middle East

Hear about our upcoming circles for Jewish and Palestinian women and about the history of our work in the Middle East. And if you can, please help a woman tap into her full potential as a peacemaker and world-changer by making a donation or sharing our mission with your friends.

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What Women are Saying

Participants in Circlework around the world agree:  The practice of Circlework is a life-altering experience that heals.  Hear the voices of the women whose lives have been changed by the circle.

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As a body-mind-soul practitioner for over 25 years, I have participated in many trainings, workshops, and seminars. Among them, I consider Jalaja’s circles to be magic made manifest. Empowering the divine feminine through ancient, soft, loving, wisewoman ways, Jalaja is a true spiritual guide and transformational artist.


Seena Russell Axel, Ph.D.
Seena Russell Axel, Ph.D.

Circlework has opened up room in my life for what I want; for my priorities. I am realizing who I really am and what I need to do. Each time I return to the circle, I come out more myself, and less swayed by the roller coaster of daily life. Contact with the circle is contact with my source, and it feeds me.

Kelly Rees
Kelly Rees

Community, Communion, Compassion, Communication….four interconnected values. Circlework evolves out of the raw material of real lives, real women, real pain, joy, dreams, visions, hopes, fears. Circlework transforms the glimmer of possibility into realized changes in attitude, breath and breadth of wisdom. Circlework heals me, others, our world.

Anne Waasdorp
Anne Waasdorp
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